Yoga isn’t just practice, it’s a way of life

Look far within

The concept of yoga practice is far broader and deeper than is commonly imagined; it includes much more than rhythmic body movement and breath regulation.

Rest & Rejuvenate

When 256 year old man was asked about his personal secrets to longevity, in turn, the secrets he finally divulged are quite peculiar:

You Got Guru'd

Too Many Gurus? Dont Know Which To Choose? You have too many gurus in this country. They have told you what to do,  what to think, what to practice

Yoga- isn't just practice!

As a fitness-conscious individual, you will be first attracted towards the athletic nature of yoga. But I would like to remind you that Yoga isn’t just a practice, it’s an exploration.

Yoga !!! Just like that

A lot has been written already on the subject of yoga and its significance in life of mankind. This article has no intention  to present any new facts ,findings or knowledge about the yoga as a object.