Yogashayan is a peaceful and supportive yoga environment. As an Iyengar yoga student, I was hesitant to try out a studio that wasn't Iyengar but since it was close to my home, I decided to try. I was pleased that this studio had props available (blocks, straps, etc.) for students, was well laid out, and well managed. Ankit and Rakesh are good and knowledgable instructors who help students to have a positive yoga experience. I am glad to see they are offering retreats and teaching training now as well. Thank you - I hope to return soon to a regular schedule.

Amelia Davis

Ankit 是个非常 Nice、非常专业的教练。教学很有耐心,对我这个初学者不规范的动作总是很认真地去纠正,在他的指导下我能学到很多很多,对我以后走上执教有很大的帮助。谢谢 Ankit 老师!

Wei Lemon

Thanks #StudioYogashayan for bringing so many changes to my life and helping me redeem it. Thanks to my Gurus Ankit Agarwal ji & Rakesh Satyawali ji

Pradeep Kumar Bharati

Teachers with their hearts in the right place!

Seema Shukla
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